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The Midwest has many fine, well-trained musicians from all styles and disciplines. The contractor's challenge is knowing which players to hire for various musical situations.

My name is Jeff Conrad. I've been a professional musician for 28 years. Those years have been spent with name Big Bands, Broadway shows and in recording studios in Boston, NewYork and Indianapolis, Indiana. (resume)

I have the experience to know which of our fine musicians to assemble to give you the best performance in your style of music.

You'll get seasoned players with the right style skills, great chops and excellent work prima donnas, no incompetent players and no "Good Ole Boy" network!

If you are coming to the Midwest and need a live band, Broadway theater pit orchestra, recording session band or orchestra, or just a horn or string section, contact me. Your music contracting project will be handled efficiently, professionally and cost-effectively.

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Musician's Contracting Service offers professional bands and orchestras in Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Illinois and Michigan.