(MuteRack Pro Model)

MuteRack helps trumpet, trombone and french horn players
make faster, easier, quieter mute changes.
It's the last Mute Holder you'll ever need!

As brass players, we've seen lots of different mute holders and mute racks, but they all lack the proper design to be completely useful and convenient. Some are not portable enough for everyday use, some only fit on the lips of certain music stands, some fit only on the shaft of certain music stands, and many are poorly made. After many years in Broadway show pits (mute-change hell), I decided to build a mute holder that addressed all of the needs of the busy trumpet, trombone or french horn player.


  • attaches easily to the lip or shaft of most music stands
    (or the mic stand or leg of many chairs we find on gigs)
  • swivels 360 degrees to change the orientation of the mute rings
  • folds down to fit into a musical instrument case or gig bag pocket
    (7" x 4" x 2" - approx. 7 to 9 ounces)
  • can be customized with extra mute holder rings
    (3.5', 2.75" rings) (recommended max of 6 rings)
  • Cordura® bag attaches to a mute ring and can be used to hold a French Horn stop mute, a drink or accessories
  • easy to adjust, very stable mute holder
  • durably built for long years of service
    - heavy-duty clamp and components
    - steel hardware assembly
    - durable steel mute rings with Plasticoat® coating
  • Holds trumpet harmon/straight/cup/plunger mutes, trombone straight/cup/plunger mutes, and french horn straight/non-transposing/stop mutes

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Manufactured by Indianamusic.com

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- Clamp Sleeve -
Included with every MuteRack

Made of clear vinyl tubing. Stabilizes your MuteRack when attached to thinner shafts, chair legs, etc.

We're sorry, but MuteRack sales are TEMPORARILY suspended while we retool. We will continue manufacturing the MuteRack. If you'd like to be put on a waiting list for when we resume manufacturing, send an email.

If you need extra rings or have a warranty claim, please contact us.

MuteRack (mute rack) universal music stand mute holder mute stand places trumpet, trombone and french horn mutes at a convenient position for easy access by the brass instrument musician. This mute rack attaches securely to the lip of a music stand, the shaft (or pole) of a music stand or to the leg of many chairs found in concert halls and recording studios. The mute rack holder holds trumpet harmon/straight/cup mutes, trombone straight/cup mutes and french horn stop mutes/straight mutes/non-transposing mutes.